• Social Groups for Older People

    Sefton Helping Hand Volunteers run two weekly day-time clubs in South Sefton. These popular clubs offer those who attend both a social event and the opportunity to make friends.

    Our aim is to provide a friendly, welcoming weekly social events for older people.

    Our service may help prevent social isolation and loneliness often experienced by older people in the community.

  • Practical Help

    Our volunteers provide practical support for elderly people. We aim to help those who are striving to remain independent within their own homes, particularly where there isn`t help available from their own families.

    We often help with the everyday tasks, that most people take for granted, from changing a lightbulb to fixing a door lock, but can prove to be a real problem for older and less able people.

    Our aim is to help prevent older people going into care earlier than is necessary.

    Our service may also enable timely discharge from hospital and that can help the problem of bed-blocking.

    "Many thanks for your help in moving my husbands bed downstairs. Without your assistance he would not have been allowed to leave hospital when he did"  Mrs S, Formby

    "...........it`s so nice to see the garden looking neat again. I can`t manage to care for the garden myself anymore and it really gets me down when it looks a mess" Mrs M, Litherland

  • Transport

    Our mini bus provides transport for older and disabled people to social clubs and activities. The mini bus will seat fifteen people and is wheelchair friendly. We have volunteer drivers and friendly assistants on hand to ensure a safe and trouble free journey. All volunteer drivers and assistants have training in mini-bus safety.

    We also make the mini-bus available to other local voluntary and statutory organisations. Charges for the mini-bus are kept to a minimum to cover fuel and running costs.

    Our aim is to provide affordable, safe and appropriate transport for older people to social clubs and outings.

    Our service may also encourage a better quality of life and well-being in older people by alleviating social isolation and loneliness.

    We also have a twice weekly Shopping Trip to local supermarkets in our mini-bus.
    For a small amount we will take you to a local supermarket where you can choose your own items and have assistance from one of our volunteers if needed.

  • Furniture Re-Use Project

    Good quality furniture donations are collected from homes in Sefton by Helping Hand Volunteers and redistributed to residents who are in need within the Borough.

    This service can be crucial to those who are financially in need. The provision of good quality furniture can improve the quality of life and help reduce stress for families who are living on a limited income.

    We receive requests for items of furniture from Social Services and other Agencies however individuals may contact us to discuss their needs and eligibility.

    Redistributing furniture has the added bonus of preventing good usable items from going needlessly to landfill - we are therefore doing something positive for the environment.

    Unfortunately we are unable to accept any Electrical or Gas items.

    To arrange a collection or are in need of furniture please contact our office on 0151 932 9008.

    Please note we can only take furniture that is in good repair. Upholstered furniture must still have a label attached that states its compliance to fire retardant regulations. Please click onto our Furniture Re-Use Project page for a list of what we can make use of.

    Our Volunteers will make the final decision on any donations collected.

Furniture Re-use Project
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